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Hunting Land For Sale In Mississippi

Do you need a vacation? Even if all you can manage is a weekend at a time our beautiful hunting land for sale in Mississippi will make you feel like a million bucks on Monday. The freedom that comes with having your own hunting land in Mississippi is unmatched. After all, you’ll be able to use your property anytime for a hunting excursion.

You can also build a family tradition of hunting that can be passed down for generations. Through good land and wildlife management, the value of your investment should also grow sustainably over time.

Before you purchase Mississippi property, take the time to learn about hunting land for sale in Mississippi. You’ll be in a much better position to get the exact property you want. Owning your own hunting land for sale in Mississippi with a camp and good timber investment can be very rewarding personally as well as financially.

Hunting Land For Sale In Mississippi

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Mississippi is paradise for deer hunters

Mississippi’s deer hunting season is lengthy. Archery begins in October, and early primitive weapons season begins in November. Gun season extends through January 31 in most areas; in the Southeast Zone, it extends through February 15. Some Mississippi counties with the best hunting are Pike, Amite, Wilkinson, Walthall and Franklin. Some of Mississippi’s largest deer have been taken from the Southwest Mississippi Counties.

This lengthy season leaves you ample time to reap the rewards of your hunts. Even better, the abundance of wooded areas ensures a high deer population, which now equals 1.75 million. As a result, Mississippi is consistently No. 1 for mature buck harvests (roughly 280,000 per year).

Mississippi is home to a variety of game

Non-deer hunters will also enjoy Mississippi, especially bird hunters. In addition to thousands of acres of agricultural land, many acres of water and moist soil provide prime habitat for birds. Dove, ducks and turkeys are very abundant for hunting in Mississippi.

Duck hunting, which is especially good in the Mississippi Delta, begins with the September teal season. Duck management areas on Federal and State lands are prevalent, ensuring ducks are held in the state through the hunting season (late January). Hunters in the state harvested roughly 327,500 ducks during the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 hunting seasons. Another great duck hunting spot is in Woodville MS which is in Wilkinson County Mississippi. Lake Mary, one of the best fishing as well as hunting areas in Mississippi is a top duck hunting lake in MS. Lake Mary also offers great opportunity to purchase a beautiful hunting camp with some of the best timber investment land in Mississippi.

Mississippi also boasts ample pine and hardwood forests that attract turkeys. The season opens in mid-March and ends in early May. Select counties have fall turkey hunting.

Hunters of other game, such as dove, squirrel and rabbit, have abundant opportunities in Mississippi, too. No matter the hunting passion, the Magnolia State will satisfy.

Hunting land in Mississippi offers an incredible financial opportunity

Mississippi land is affordable, especially compared to other states, and its value is increasing. Land in MS has remained stable during tough economic times, recent and historical, and unlike other assets, it doesn’t usually fall victim to downward value trends.

Purchasing the right hunting land for sale in Mississippi

Buying hunting land for sale in Mississippi encompasses more than just looking at attractive photos and an online topographical map. Let Doug Rushing Realty be your guide for this process. We are experts on Mississippi hunting land, and we have considerable experience in helping clients find the most suitable hunting property. We can assist you in getting the hunting land of your dreams.